Justin Grant
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Justin Grant <> UX Researcher

Proficient in delivering detailed user experience research and designs that breathe life into solutions and products, ensuring that every design choice harmonizes with targeted business objectives, product requisites, and research discoveries.



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"He is thoughtful and intentional in his responses to and delivery of absolutely anything — an interview session with a young child, a research presentation before project stakeholders, a team building activity with colleagues. His ability to communicate (and moderate user research sessions) is unparalleled."

- Lee Landor, Sr. UX Researcher @ McGraw Hill


"He provided the UX department with quantitative and qualitative research data that were well-presented and actionable. He is also a pleasure to collaborate with and is always willing to lend his time to discuss insights or simply to connect and learn about his colleagues as people.

- Mandy Sheng, UX Designer @ McGraw Hill


"He is a passionate, curious, and creative researcher. I always appreciated his willingness to share and discuss the latest developments in user research. He also helped me to expand my knowledge in the vast field of accessibility. [He] is a great teammate, a thoughtful researcher, and charismatic leader."

- Sophie Finn, UX Research Specialist @ McGraw Hill